Samsung Galaxy S8 release date

Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are scheduled to be released this Friday, April 21st, in South Korea and in a number of international markets including the United States.

Although the growing concern related to Samsung’s latest failure  Note 7, preorders of Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ in South Korea have surpassed 1 million units.

Preordering became available on April 7th.


Prices stay low on the faster RX500 cards

Last year AMD brought us the RX400 series of cards which where powerful but cost effective cards more focused for more bugged friendly prices . With AMD’s new RYZEN cpu how ever they have started becoming more and more competitive to Intel CPU market . But will its release of the RX500 also yield a greater impact in the graphics department ? .

AMD’s RX500 series of cards come at a lower price than its predecessors but will a small performance boost . Although they might not be a big leap in performance it might be a good investment in those looking for a budget friendly card that can go hand in hand with NVIDIA’s Gtx1060

In addition to those three cards, AMD is also introducing a new low-cost option, the RX550. The RX550 has an 1183MHz boost speed and 2GB of RAM. But its starting price is only $79, and AMD hopes it’ll entice people to pick it up instead of using an integrated graphics solution.

4D printing and it’s future uses


One of the emerging fields within 3D printing research is 4D printing.  4D printing refers to types of materials that can alter their physical shape in response to a stimulus.

While this type of material is fairly new, future iterations could be used to create various compact products. Packaging materials made out of this sort of polymer could be far lass space consuming. If manufacturers can alter the stiffness of the polymer, companies could make furniture that could be shipped in a compact form and then heated to expand into its intended shape.

There’s also a wide range of applications such as:

  • home appliances and products that can adapt to heat or moisture to improve comfort or add functionality.
  • Childcare products that can react to humidity or temperature, for example, or clothes and footwear that optimize their form and function by reacting to changes in the environment.
  • Bio-compatible components that can be implanted in the human body


Canonical sharpens post-Unity axe for 80-plus Ubuntu spinners

With Canonicals decision to end its development for the Unity desktop environment , which has been the standard environment for Ubuntu , it has seen many changes as a company in the last couple of days. Founder Mark Shuttleworth has taken back his position as CEO of Canonical making many employees leave the Linux Distro powerhouse any many more leaving On formal notice.
The Canonical creator is cutting figures after an exterior evaluation of his company by potential new financial backers found overstaffing and tasks that lacked emphasis.Tasks have been sliced because of this restructuring, notably the long-promised but never realised Unity 8 convergence project for device and desktop.

Some personnel were bid an instantaneous goodbye without forewarning.It is also claimed inner “town hall” meeting calls were organised with other personnel, alerting them of the looming slashes before El Reg broke the news to the entire world.

A spokesperson for Canonical informed “The Register” these layoffs are being conducted in a different ways around the world because the business operates in a variety of territories with different “regulatory requirements”. They recognized that this is creating doubt for employees.