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Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to be used by Ford’s 2016 models

Ford today is releasing a software update to its model-year 2016 vehicles with SYNC 3 so that the entire fleet will be able to use Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.



You can get the update in three different ways:

  1. by downloading over the air for Wi-Fi-connected vehicles
  2. by bringing your car to a Ford dealership
  3. by downloading the update to a USB drive then manually plugging into the car

Android Auto is supported for smartphones running Android 5.0 and higher, while CarPlay is compatible with iPhone 5 or later, updated to iOS 7.1 or higher.

Russian man creates transformer

If you dream it you can build it

A father and son team inspired by the ‘Transformers‘ film have created their own car-robot, built from a Russian-made ‘Lada‘ vehicle. The Russian version of the Optimus Prime Transformer was demonstrated at a stunt show in Oryol, Thursday.

The transformer is using real gun but fake bullets to mimic the effect of a machine gun as we can clearly see a lot of effort has been put into this project .  Using hydraulics and a lot of time the father has build an astounding piece of engineering , if one man can do imagine if a factory was was building things  like this. Could we see a Robot apocalypse any time soon ?