August 10, 2019
  • 10:20 pm Interesting use of frequency
  • 4:40 pm Bypassing Firewalls and Filters using DNS over HTTPs
  • 10:21 am Sniffing GSM packets with an SDR
  • 1:52 am Exploiting wireless mice/keyboards
  • 1:14 pm Viewing Lightning RF Bursts with an RTL-SDR
  • 12:56 pm Fixing the Gigabyte RX460 4gb Black screen issue

Bought myself a Moonracker Jpole Dual Band Antenna on eBay .

Setting up my first antenna was a blast! Using a pool cleaning pole and some bungee cord to secure the pole to the wall was a breeze . Using my UV5R i can now listen to almost everywhere in Cyprus seems like I got a lot to learn.

Getting great reception using my SDR to listen in on the Airband , i can also hear the pilots speaking when they are at just the right distance and angle . Ive got alot of work to do with this baby .

– 73 5B4ANU

Vasilis Ieropoulos