November 26, 2018
  • 10:20 pm Interesting use of frequency
  • 10:21 am Sniffing GSM packets with an SDR
  • 1:52 am Exploiting wireless mice/keyboards
  • 1:14 pm Viewing Lightning RF Bursts with an RTL-SDR
  • 12:56 pm Fixing the Gigabyte RX460 4gb Black screen issue

Fiddling around with my SDR i was seeing a lot of movement when ever i switched on the lights of my fan , so i fiddled around a bit and manged to pin point it to 867.780.990 MHz . Interestingly enough by pressing different buttons it would transmit at different frequencies thus it gave me an idea . What if i could monitor when ever someone open the fan or light in the room just by monitoring these frequencies?

I asked my brother to turn on his fan and to my surprise the signals was passing through the wall very strongly around 20db. I should note that i extended my portable collapsible antenna to 33cm so it would be tuned for 867 mhz. Further this mean that we could theoretically use a  HackRF to transmit at this frequency and possibly control the whole house .

Vasilis Ieropoulos