November 30, 2018
  • 10:20 pm Interesting use of frequency
  • 10:21 am Sniffing GSM packets with an SDR
  • 1:52 am Exploiting wireless mice/keyboards
  • 1:14 pm Viewing Lightning RF Bursts with an RTL-SDR
  • 12:56 pm Fixing the Gigabyte RX460 4gb Black screen issue

SDR# is a very powerful software used for software defined radio . Used with the right equipment it opens up a whole new plethora of possibilities but it can be a pain to set up so ill show you how to do it in just a few steps

Firstly download a copy of SDR# from here.

Next Unzip the folder and plug in your SDR.

Open up Zadig and select your device from the drop down list and click replace driver .

Image result for zadig

Next fire up SDR# and click and the Gear icon which will bring up a menu there you can select your device

Now you’re almost done !  Find a frequency of a local radio station using the number dial . If the frequency does not match the station playing start moving the frequency correction dial up or down until you fine tune to the stations frequency.

Now your are all set ! Happy listening !

-73 5B4ANU

Vasilis Ieropoulos